Beverage Series

Beverage series is divided into carbonated drinks and non-carbonated drinks. Carbonated beverages are representative products of carbonated beverages. With the development of the industry, sparkling water beverages such as vitality forest and salt soda are gradually emerging. Still drinks and tea drinks are also gradually appearing in people's field of vision.

For 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 650ml, 750ml PET bottled beverages, the solution includes water treatment, automatic blow molding machine, automatic bottle unscrambler, automatic filling machine, automatic drying machine, automatic sleeve labeling machine, automatic labeling Machines, back-end packaging and robotic palletizing and other equipment, to make a complete set of solutions for the realization of factory automation and unmanned.

No matter what kind of beverage you are producing, Yingyi can help you achieve your goals with the most suitable technology. You are welcome to learn more about our PET beverage packaging solutions to help you efficiently produce sparkling and non-sparkling beverages.